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January 31st

A day In The Life Of A Liverpool Mortgage Broker

Welcome back to another fabulous blog taking a glimpse into a day in the life of one of our Mortgage Brokers!

In this blog, we are stepping into the shoes of one of our amazing Liverpool Mortgage Broker's, Daniel Williams! 

Let's meet the man himself! 

Take it away Daniel...


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hello, my name is Daniel and I am a mortgage and protection advisor for Right Click Finance. I have recently joined Right Click, having previously worked for one of the biggest property groups in the UK. I have been providing advice on Mortgages and Insurance for around 6 years now and I have built up a wealth of knowledge covering many different types of mortgages. This has enabled me to make clients' property dreams become a reality and this is something that provides me with great satisfaction!

Outside of work, I am the father of two beautiful girls and I have an amazing Fiancé. I spend most of my time running around after my two girls and pretending to eat plastic food at a teddy bear's picnic.

I am a big Evertonian (for my sins) and enjoy watching them most weekends. I enjoy playing myself and have been roped into playing with the Right Click lads on a few occasions although I am considering retiring very soon!


Where is the Best Place to Live in Liverpool?

For me, I grew up and spent a lot of time in the South of the city and have always been familiar with this end of the city. What I like most about here is the suburban feel that you experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre as well as the various parks, restaurants and bars.

Having said that, I often enjoy visiting the city centre and If I was being totally honest and non-bias – I would rank Liverpool with that of New York City. It all depends on what you prefer though and this is a big factor when deciding to buy your first property.

Luckily, I can provide a first-hand experience of the different areas of the city, which helps clients, particularly those not familiar with the city.


What are your five tips for First Time Buyers?

My top five tips for any first-time buyer would be:

  1. Get your finances in order at the very start - This is essential for me. Before you even start to ring around estate agents and book viewings make sure you have taken appropriate advice on your mortgage and have a proper mortgage agreement in principle in place. You wouldn’t test drive a Ferrari without knowing you could afford it, would you?

  2. Be prepared to miss out on properties. There is a lot of competition at the moment for property, so you can often miss out on a particular property as a result. Don’t get disheartened though something else will pop up.

  3. Keep an eye on your credit report. It’s always good to review your credit file from time to time. All your financial information from the last 6 years will be recorded on your credit file, I often speak to clients who find surprises on their report. This can impact your ability to get a mortgage, so it’s always good to check and monitor it beforehand.

  4. Use a mortgage broker. The mortgage market is huge – there are so many different lenders out there, all of them have their own lending criteria and they will also lend different amounts. They will all offer different rates as well based upon your deposit. So, letting us find you the best lender for your circumstances could save you a fortune! Avoid doing an online agreement in principle as they can often be miss leading.

  5. First impressions count! Sounds like an obvious one, but ultimately the estate agent is the one who is in direct communication with the seller of the property. If you behave in a certain way to an agent, this could often put you at the back of the queue. Always be polite and understanding with estate agents, it’s a busy time at the moment!


What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

My typical day involves me rising relatively early around 6 AM to get myself prepared for the day, ill have some breakfast and help get my daughters up and ready (providing they aren’t still snoozing away). I'll then head over to the office and we will begin a morning meeting. This involves us discussing the previous day’s activity and planning for the day ahead. I'll then spend time catching up with my emails and responding to existing clients. I'll review my diary for the day and then begin speaking to new customers and how I can help them. Throughout the day ill be engaged in different parts of the job - providing advice, sourcing mortgages for clients, submitting applications, and everything in-between. It can often be a busy day as an advisor and the day can be over in a flash. No two days are the same though and I really love the challenge of what a new day brings!


What's the Best Part of Working for Right Click Finance?

The marketing team, obviously. In all seriousness though we have a fantastic team of experienced mortgage brokers, admin, and sales progression support which makes it a fantastic place to work. The business is expanding and we have built a fantastic reputation as one of the top mortgage brokerages in Merseyside and the surrounding areas.


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