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November 30th

A Beginners Guide To Life Insurance

A Beginners Guide to Life Insurance

Here at Right Click Finance, we offer Life Insurance to help you protect your family. 

It is only really when we lose a loved one or find ourselves with the responsibility of caring for another, that we realise how precious and fragile life is and how we often take it for granted.

Whether you have just got married, become a parent, or have lost somebody close to you, the experience often changes our way of thinking. It sparks an awareness of life's vulnerability and ignites an inherent desire to step up and protect, no matter what age we are. 

Although we can't help to protect your family from each unexpected life event, there are ways in which we can ensure financial stability in the event that you pass away. It's not a nice subject to approach, however, it is important to understand your options that will protect your loved ones.


There are a variety of types of protection we can offer depending on what suits your personal needs.

Types of Protection we offer – 

Critical Illness cover

Critical Illness Insurance is designed to pay a one-off lump sum to you directly if you are diagnosed with one of a specified list of Illnesses.

Life Assurance 

The three main components of the Life Assurance contract are a Death Benefit, a Premium Payment, and, in the case of permanent Life Assurance, a cash-value account.

Death Benefit is the amount of money the Insured’s beneficiaries will receive from the Insurer upon the death of the Insured. 

Premium Payment is using actuarially based statistics, the Insurer determines the amount of premium it needs to cover mortality costs. Factors such as the

Insured’s age, personal and family medical history and lifestyle are the main risk determinants.

Permanent Life Assurance includes a cash value component that serves two purposes. It is a savings account that allows the Insured to accumulate capital that can become a living benefit. The capital accumulates on a tax-deferred basis and can be used for any purpose while the Insured is alive. It is also used by the Insurer to mitigate its risk.

Family Income benefit 

Family Income Benefit is designed to replace the lost income into a household after the death of a breadwinner. It works by paying out a tax-free monthly payment for a set period of time.

Income protection

Income Protection Insurance is designed to pay a monthly amount to you directly to support you if you cannot work because you are ill or injured. It pays a percentage of your gross salary (or take-home pay). There are short-term policies, also known as Budget Income Protection, and long-term policies, also known as Full Income Protection. 


To learn more about Life Insurance we offer, discover our Go-To-Guide here -


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