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The mortgage will be secured by a charge on the property of the customer.


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What It All Means

Start with a Jargon Buster

The corporate world of mortgages and protection is filled with words that seem unnecessarily difficult to understand. The importance of the terms and conditions surrounding mortgages and insurance products means that it is vitally important to have a firm grasp on what it all means. 
Although our Mortgage Advisers are on hand to help clear up any confusion, we thought we'd wrap up this little Jargon Buster to clear up any confusion before you check out our guides or the information-packed pages on our site. 
Jargon Buster

Mortgage Guides & FAQs

Get Your Home

The Go-To Mortgage Guide

When you start your search for a mortgage, the variety can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start. You'll want to pick the best mortgage rate but this doesn't necessarily mean going for the cheapest because other factors can affect your choice.

As a starting point, we thought we’d share how mortgages work. All mortgages work in the same basic way: you borrow money to buy a property, pay interest on the loan and eventually pay it back. Then they start getting complicated, so let's guide you through the process of mortgages.

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Life Insurance Guides & FAQs

Protect Your Family

The Go-To Life Protection Guide

Facing the possibility of your own death is not a pleasant subject to confront, however, when you have dependents who rely on you to provide for them, the thought of not having protection can be a worrying one.

There are varying types of Life Insurance, from traditional policies which pay out in the event of death but also policies which pay out on a diagnosis of an illness and also policies to protect your income, if you were ever unable to work because of illness. It is important to be prepared for when the worst can happen.

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