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October 21st

A Day in the Life of a Moreton Mortgage Broker

Have you ever wanted to know what a day in the life of a Moreton Mortgage Broker is like? We'll make that question rhetorical...We're excited to introduce our brand-new blog series: A Day in the Life Of so you guys can get to know the people behind Right Click.

We know what people think about those that work in the world of finance and we can sum it up in one short word: dull. However, we're super proud of our team and the fact that they're not boring or dull but fun and super friendly, albeit a little bit spotlight shy! For our very first blog, we are stepping into the shoes of Bryan Davies, our Moreton based Mortgage Broker and all-round sports fan. Without further ado, let's meet the man himself!

Hey Bryan! Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself...

Hi, I'm Bryan and before I entered the financial world and joined Right Click Finance, I worked in Sports Management for over twenty years and had my own consultancy business. I'm an ex-rugby player and golf pro, so although I no longer work in sport, almost everything I do outside of work involves sport ! In fact, next year I'm taking part in a Guinness World Record attempt for playing touch rugby for the longest time, we're looking at doing over 31 hours to honour my friend who sadly passed away in June, at the age of 43, from a massive heart attack leaving his wife and 3 kids.

I got into the financial services industry when I got divorced as I decided to have a change of career because I wanted the flexibility to work around my 2 amazing kids. Having consulted and project managed for various sports organisations I have always enjoyed working with numbers and people. This along with the fact that I have bought and let houses for the last 20 years is what attracted me to this industry and in particular Right Click Finance. My experience as a landlord and having sadly gone through a divorce enables me to help a lot of clients either invest for the future or help families through what is a difficult time both emotionally and financially.

Where is the Best Place to Live in Wirral?

I would say Hoylake, although I may be biased! It's got a fantastic beach for all to enjoy. What I really love about it is that you can walk into the centre to get your morning paper, a coffee, lunch, night out, whatever you fancy, it's got so much going on and a has a really good community spirit.

How Long Have You Been Working for Right Click Finance?

About three years although I've worked in finance for many years before. The best part of working here, apart from the team, is helping people get their homes and easing people's financial worries. Although it sounds a bit cheesy, it is a great feeling to know that you've made a difference to someone's life.

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

Most mornings I will either ride along the coast or go to my best friend’s gym. This sets me up for the day. I will then check my emails and have the first of many coffees!!  The day is spent meeting clients, submitting applications or doing some research for clients to see how I can help them best depending on their situation. I have my kids half the time so the days they are with me I'll finish early so we can have some quality time together. On Thursday night’s I coach my son's football team in West Kirby which I have done for 5 years now and I find really rewarding.  Saturday and Sundays are spent driving my kids all over the county to either football, rugby, basketball or netball!

The reason I love my job so much is that every day is different and I can work flexible hours around my kids which is the most important thing to me.

What Are Your Top Tips for Preparing for a Mortgage in the Current Climate?

Definitely see a Mortgage Broker, especially at the moment as it could save you thousands.

What is the Most Common Issue That You Find Most First Time Buyers Face?

At present, it would definitely be deposit or a lack of credit history. Raising a deposit is really hard and having a credit history to meet the criteria of the lenders at a young age can also prove difficult. 

What Do You Look at to Determine the Amount Someone Can Borrow for Their Mortgage?

I'll look at their income, outgoings and I'll work with people on budgets. I'll always be sensible with the client’s monthly budgets and ensure nobody overcommits. Life is to be enjoyed so you need to ensure that what you are taking on is manageable and sustainable and allows you still to enjoy the fun things in life!

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