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November 20th

A Day in the Life of a Wirral Mortgage Broker

Welcome back to another amazing blog taking a sneak-peek into a day in the life of one of our Mortgage Brokers! In this part, we've caught up with our Wirral Mortgage Broker, Jon Currie, who despite working in Heswall and West Kirby, hails from across the water in Liverpool! As one of our most experienced Brokers, Jon is a firm favourite of our clients and is forever being showered with gifts from his adoring fans! Let's meet the man himself! 

Hey Jon! Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself...

Hi, my name is Jon I'm a Mortgage Broker for Right Click Finance I have been a Mortgage Advisor for around 10 years now and have 20 years of finance/banking experience as well, so I like to think I know what I am talking about! 

Outside of work, I have a very supportive family network with an amazing wife and 2 boys who are my greatest achievement in life. We are a very sporty family and all of us boys play football a few times a week although I'm still playing 11-a-side, I'm getting to the age where I am close to walking football!

What's the Best Part of Working for Right Click Finance? 

I have worked for Right Click now for 4 years and it's a great company to work for. We work with Wirral Estate Agents, Bradshaw Farnham & Lea and I'm based in two of their offices in West Kirby and Heswall; the people I meet are all from different walks of life and I find that really interesting as every customer and situation is different. I have the mentality that I want to help everyone and it is very rare I can’t in some way.

It's also brilliant to help people find their dream home or even first home, making that call to tell them they have their mortgage agreed never fails to give me a buzz, the reactions from my clients is priceless!  

What Do You Look at When Advising People? 

When looking at the mortgage journey, I like to look at the bigger picture as I want my clients to not only get the keys to their home but also be safe in the knowledge that they are adequately protected not only for themselves but their family's security in the future.

What Can People Expect from Remortgaging? How Does it Differ From Your First Mortgage?  

The process is a lot quicker, clients can normally get a free Solicitor as they already own a house, and not as many searches need doing. If the house has gone up in price and there is a bigger equity gap, they may get a cheaper mortgage rate potentially.

Why Do You Advise All Homeowners to Get Some Sort of Life Insurance Policy When Taking Out a Mortgage?

I advise my clients the way I would advise myself or my family. I wouldn’t want any of them to come to me and say someone has passed away and left them to pay the mortgage alone. The most important thing is to make sure those policies are put into a trust to save with inheritance tax and liabilities.

When I'm reviewing people's Life Insurance, one of the first questions I ask is whether the policy is put in trust and everyone looks at me like I’ve got two heads! I don’t think anyone has ever said yes but they are incredibly important, we can help with that and it doesn’t cost a penny!

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

I start my day by getting the kids ready and dropping them off at school then I'll get into work and make my breakfast, porridge is my breakfast of choice as it keeps me going until lunch. Like most of the Right Click Brokers, I don't drink hot drinks which people seem to find really strange but it means that I get out of making the colossal tea round! I'll start by joining the morning meeting with the estate agency team, catching up on clients, what properties are coming on the market and seeing whether any applicants need a mortgage.

From 9 am onwards, the phone doesn't stop ringing, I try and see appointments every hour and my aim is always to try and get their mortgage done the same day. What do I have for lunch? What's lunch?! I don't have time for lunch, so I just bring a smoothie in which just about gets me through.

Outside of work, I'm the family's taxi driver with my kids playing football four days a week, and when they're not playing, I am! We've got a little one-year-old cockapoo, Buddy, who needs constant attention so, after football, me and my youngest boy will take him for a walk or to the park. 

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