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December 3rd

The 90% Mortgages Make a Return

With lockdown shutting many shops, putting an end to the dream of a summer holiday and banning bars, clubs and pubs from opening, even those with a champagne taste on a prosecco budget would have struggled to spend their money this year. Cough, cough. However, despite the severe lack of social life, many millennials were able to add a lot more pennies to their savings pot than usual. 

According to AA Financial Services, 85% of UK residents spent less during lockdown and on average, saved an incredible £617 a month. 31% of these residents increased the amount of money they put into their savings account. For soon-to-be-first-time-buyers, this was an opportunity not to be missed! Considering it takes 8.6 years on average for a single first-time buyer in the North West to save a 15% deposit, which is around £35,250, we're going to take any help that we can get! 

So, what happens? With more money to save, people reach their savings goals quicker, more people have their deposit and more people visit their Mortgage Brokers for a juicy deal. That is until Mortgage Lenders are inundated with 90% Mortgage requests and decide to ruin everyone's day by pulling them from the table - great! Fortunately, in the past week or so, we've seen quite a few more Lenders slowly reintroducing the 90% mortgage back.

For those that want to start the New Year in their new home, it's time to speak to our Mortgage Brokers and find out exactly what deal is right for you! 

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