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January 27th

Top 3 Places to Live in Wirral for First-Time Buyers

With nowhere to go and no places to spend our disposable cash, we're hearing from lots of budding homeowners who are topping up their savings in a way that was nigh-on impossible when leaving the house was a possibility. For even though the current situation certainly has its downfalls, one of the positive aspects we can cling to is the ability to save our pennies. Working from home saves petrol, shops being shut saves unnecessary splurges and being unable to wine and dine saves hangovers. 

As Wirral Mortgage Brokers, we know that the peninsula is filled with amazing places to live and despite being home to some of the North West's most expensive homes, first-time buyers can rest assured that there are affordable places to live too! 

We work with one of Wirral's leading estate agents, Bradshaw Farnham & Lea, to help their clients secure the mortgage they need to buy their home and with our connections, we have insider knowledge of all the best places to live in Wirral if you're a first-time buyer. 

1. Wallasey

Located on the northeastern coast of Wirral, Wallasey has all the benefits of coastal living without the heftier price tag you may find on the west of the peninsula. Beaches, promenades and a great social scene will be right on your doorstep and with just a 15-minute drive to Liverpool City Centre, it's a relatively stress-free commute through the Wallasey Tunnel. 

According to Rightmove, the most popular properties sold here are terraces and they sell for an average of £115,162, making it an affordable place for first-time buyers to purchase their first home. If that's a little over budget, then don't worry, apartments here fetch around £103,713 and for this you'd need a household income of at least £23,047. 

How do we work that out? On average, Lenders are willing to lend borrowers 4.5 x their income so if you divide the property price by 4.5 you'll get the income figure you need to be on. However, talking to a Mortgage Broker will let you know the exact figure of how much money you'd be able to borrow when taking out a mortgage. 

2. Birkenhead 

Birkenhead may be known for its industrial landscape but as one of the most historic parts of Wirral, it is home to some stunning buildings and green spaces making it a popular choice for first-time buyers of Wirral. Hamilton Square, for example, could be taken straight out of Netflix's Bridgerton with the most beautiful Georgian townhouses looking across to the communal gardens. In London, this type of home would be worth millions but for lucky Wirral buyers, many have been converted into delightful, affordable apartments, making it a fantastic place for a first home.

Local residents have one of the world's most important public spaces too in the form of Birkenhead Park, said to be the world's first civic-funded park and the inspiration behind New York's Central Park! So, you don't have to jet across the Atlantic to feel a little bit of American glamour. With 226 acres, you can explore everything from its Roman Pavillion and Boathouse, Swiss Bridge and lakes amongst the beautiful greenery. 

Rightmove statistics show that the majority of sales in Birkenhead during the last year were flats selling for an average of £62,581 whereas terrace properties sold for £94,489. This is a huge difference from the UK's national house price of £250,000! Can you see why we suggested it now?! 

3. Moreton 

Moreton is a popular place for young families to put down roots, with a thriving town centre, solid school choices and traditional homes. For those looking to buy their first home in Moreton, they would be looking at spending an average of £153,687 on a semi-detached property, which according to Rightmove figures, is the most popular type of property in the area. 
Alongside its town centre, residents of Moreton can explore the great outdoors with a walk up to nearby Leasowe Lighthouse in North Wirral Coastal Park. The 200-acre site is a great place to cycle or picnic, taking in the views of the waterscape, greenery and sand dunes, it really is a beautiful place to be on a summer's day.
Figures were correct at the time of publishing. 
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