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October 29th

Top 3 Things You Shouldn't Do When Applying for a Mortgage

In the spirit of the spooky season, we wanted to know the top things that kept our Mortgage Brokers up at night, apart from the incredible banter of their Whatsapp group, of course... The realm of mortgages and homeownership can be quite a scary place, especially when you're entering with little to no knowledge of what you're doing and let's be honest, given the current state of the world, everything seems a little terrifying at the minute. 

We sat down with our Mortgage Brokers, Simon who deals with Liverpool Mortgages, Jon Currie who is one of the best Mortgage Brokers in Wirral and John Coleman who is one of our most experienced Mortgage Brokers in Southport

Simon Letman - Liverpool Mortgage Broker 

"For me, it's going on comparison websites to search for a mortgage deal. Why? Firstly, they're not Mortgage Brokers, they don't give advice or look at the client's circumstances which may affect their eligibility for that particular mortgage deal. Secondly, sometimes they don't provide the mortgage rate and if they do, you may need to be within a particular postcode to get it. For example, if you bought with Liverpool City Centre Mortgages, you may have to be within that area to get the deal." 

Jon Curie - Wirral Mortgage Broker 

"Taking out credit when you're gearing up to apply for a mortgage, just don't do it! We say for at least three months before, refrain from taking anything out on credit because it can affect your credit score which Lender's use to assess your reliability in making repayments. Some say six months just to be on the safe side. Even if you look at taking out credit but don't, it will still flag on the system. Also, as always, never miss a repayment on any of your current credit loans, credit cards, etc..." 

John Coleman - Southport Mortgage Broker 

"People who go to their bank for a mortgage, it's like going to Audi for a car and having to buy an Audi even though there's another car out there better suited to your needs and could even be cheaper. Your bank is only going to advise you to get a mortgage deal from themselves, whereas a Mortgage Broker has no loyalties to one particular Lender, we just want to get the best deal out there for your circumstances." 


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